Lethal Weapon SLDR 3 pin

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Lethal Weapon SLDR 3 pin
  • Adjustable slider offset
  • Adjustable slider tension
  • Zero stop for repeatability
  • Adjustable elevation and windage tension
  • 2 sight tapes with adjustable pointers
  • Pins enclosed in stainless steel tubes
  • Stack tight pins (.019)
  • Micro adjustable pins
  • Hardware/hex keys included
  • No quiver adapter needed
  • Added elevation adjustment
  • NFAA, IBO, and ASA competition legal
  • Accepts SURE-LOC Black Eagle or Falcon lenses

The Lethal Weapon RED SLDR features adjustable slider offset and tension. The zero stop allows for easy, precise repeatability. It is threaded to accept a SURE-LOC Black Eagle 42mm lens. Other features include adjustable windage and elevation tension, stack tight micro-adjustable .019 pins enclosed in stainless steel tubes, and 2 sight tapes with adjustable pointers.